Hi there! I’m Shay. I live in Vancouver. I write a lot about wellness topics and people pay me for it, which means my life is pretty great.

Not only am I given the opportunity to connect with readers across the world, but I also have the privilege of working with passionate, kick-ass clients who have amazing, important things to share.

(Does that sound like you?)

I started freelance writing because I wanted to spend my life writing about subjects I love.

I’m still doing this five years later because of my clients. The best part of my job is sharing their stories and seeing the way their own clients or customers respond with trust, engagement, and enthusiasm.

(Honestly, the whole writing deal is still pretty great too.)


A brief history of your writer:

  • I’ve been writing since I was six.
  • I’ve been devouring wellness books since I was eight.
  • I’ve been making websites and graphics since I was nine.
  • I’ve been writing professionally since I was twenty-one.
  • I graduated Langara College’s intensive journalism program in 2011.

See what I mean? This is the life I’ve wanted to live since I was tiny, and now I get to live and breathe it.

Now, I know you care about your business just as much as I care about mine.

Let me share that energy – your story – with your clients. We’re going to create something fantastic together.

Let’s get started today

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