If your clients trust you, if they connect with your story and your message, your business will thrive.


I can help you build that trust and engagement through online content.


By drawing on my background in journalism, I create online content to capture the attention of your audience and grow your business. Accurate, useful content also catches the interest of search engines, giving a two-for-one boost to your marketing.

Don’t just be a business to your clients: become part of their lives.

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My Promises To You

– Clear communication
– Dedication to deadlines
– Accurate research
– Engaging writing
– SEO best practices



Your clients want to read content from you, and I’m here to provide. I write both short and long-form blog posts for you to share information, increase engagement, and inspire passion. Turn your business into a community, and you’ll reap the rewards.



Want your clients and customers to look forward to your emails instead of trashing them? Offer them exclusive content they can use. From building a lifecycle model to weekly newsletters, I can set you up for email marketing success.



Position yourself as an authority and share your knowledge by offering an e-book to your clients or customers. E-books are invaluable for marketing, whether as a sign-up offer or for sale. When you hire me to write your e-book, I’ll work with you to make it exactly what your business needs.



Keep the focus where it belongs: on you and your business. Ghostwritten work fits in seamlessly with your business’s voice, and is yours to attribute to whomever you choose. All of my services are available to be ghostwritten – just ask!



Merely existing on social media isn’t enough to get noticed. I create both text and graphics-based social media content which your clients and future clients will be excited to share. When people share your message, they welcome you into their lives.



If you feel overwhelmed by the size of social media and underwhelmed by your client engagement, you’re not alone. I’ll work with you to develop a social media strategy for your brand, then implement it using a blend of shareable content, follower engagement, and 2018’s best trends.


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